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Change Management – Online Learning

This change management online learning course will help learners effectively cope with change and help support others through it. With this e-learning course, learners will:

  • Explore and understand our own emotions when going through change and learn how to cope
  • Manage change for those around you, helping them navigate the issues and reducing the impact
  • Implement change effectively and create an environment where change is accepted and embraced

Course Introduction

Change is a constant and whether in our social lives or at work, we are all likely to be going through a change of some kind or other. Understanding the process people go through when confronted with a shift in circumstances and appreciating that we cope with change in a variety of ways, is a key part of effectively managing change in both our work and home life.

The way people feel about change often depends on the impact it will have on them and their lives. It can also depend on whether the change affects their core beliefs – something they feel personally connected to. At work, where change is inevitable, it can make people feel that their role or way of working is under threat and this can cause resentment and fear. It’s important for leaders to navigate business change effectively, understanding the impact it is having on them personally and how they can address the needs of their team.

Of course, there are also changes that occur that are beyond everyone’s control and events such as the Covid-19 crisis meant that we all had to adapt to a series of changes in a small space of time. Although incidents like this are thankfully uncommon, there are situations where people or businesses go through challenges that are comparable and everyone would benefit from knowing how to manage the change.

This Change Management E-Learning course aims to help learners appreciate the emotions experienced when presented with change and to provide them with a set of tools to overcome these challenges for themselves and others.

Course Content

Module 1 - Dealing with Change

Managing my personal resilience to change

  • Identify different types of changes in people’s lives
  • Establish what sort of changes can be most impactful
  • Review the change curve and the range of emotions experienced
  • Explore examples of the different reactions people can have to change
  • Understand how individuals can build resilience to cope with change.​
Module 2 - Managing Change

I am responsible for taking my team through change

  • Identify reasons why change management often fails
  • Explore different sources of fears and concerns
  • Highlight important steps in a change strategy
  • Establish how different groups of people react to change.​
Module 3 - Leading Change

I am accountable for helping my organisation change

  • Explore why being able to implement sustainable changes is important
  • Use DMAIC which is designed to identify problems and form a structure for solving them
  • Understand the difference between managing and leading change
  • Outline the main steps in Kotter’s 8 steps for leading change
  • Identify the main reasons why change implementation goes wrong.​
Module 4 – Assessment and CPD certificate
  • A chance to test your knowledge of the topic with scoring
  • The e-learning course comes with free CPD certificates for the learners


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