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Coaching for Success – Online Learning

Master effective coaching skills and help develop effective teams. With this, ‘Coaching for Success’ E-Learning course, learners will:

  • Have the skills to inspire and develop their team
  • Be able to enhance the effectiveness of others through learning
  • Create an environment where coaching can flourish
  • Develop questioning and listening skills to optimum effect
  • Improve team effectiveness and morale
  • Help your company become more productive and successful

Course Introduction

Effective coaching helps develop employees, providing the support they need to enhance their workplace skills and the confidence to grow both as a person and within the organisation. A good coach will help the employee to reach personal goals and challenging targets, which will in-turn ensure the success of the business overall.

This coaching skills e-learning course is a complete review of the key principles of coaching from start to finish. It covers the importance of coaching, assesses current skills and development areas and provides all the practical tools and techniques required to take coaching to another level and ensure your  learners success as a business coach. The e-learning provides a comprehensive view of everything the successful coach needs.

Course Content

Module 1 ­­– What is Coaching? 
  • Develop an understanding of what coaching is, how it occurs and its role in the workplace
  • Identify the difference between coaching and mentoring
  • Establish the importance of coaching to the individual and the business
  • Discover coaching barriers (and what you can do to overcome them)
  • Learn about the 6 key coaching skills you need to be effective
Module 2 – Coaching Questionnaire 
  • Create awareness of current coaching skills
  • Identify areas where skills can be improved​
Module 3 ­­– A Principled Approach to Coaching 
  • Understand why a principled approach might be important
  • Identify how beliefs about coaching are formed
  • Highlight three areas where principles affect coaching
  • Scrutinise beliefs and principles about coaching​
Module 4 ­­– Essential Coaching Skills 
  • Develop rapport techniques to help build and maintain trust
  • Create a structured approach to creating goals and targets
  • Practise how to ask effective and powerful questions to control the coaching process
  • Practise using active listening techniques
  • Develop effective use of feedback to support the coachee
Module 5 ­­– Coaching Models 
  • Understand what a coaching model is
  • Review the GROW coaching model and the purpose of each section
  • Identify and explain a variety of common coaching models including Gibb’s Reflective Cycle and Appreciative Coaching
  • Creating a matrix to help you choose appropriate coaching models​
Module 6 ­­– Coaching Teams 
  • Describing the stages of team formation dynamics
  • Listing ground rules you would use when team coaching
  • Understanding the desirable qualities of a team
  • Implementing a simple method for developing team qualities
  • Explaining how we can learn from observation
Module 7 ­­– Overcoming Barriers to Coaching 
  • Identifying areas where external barriers to coaching can exist
  • Establishing seven areas where coaches can create barriers to effective coaching
Module 8 ­­– Emotional Competence and Coaching 
  • Explaining the meaning of emotional competency
  • Highlighting the four competency areas that make up emotional competency
  • Understanding how emotional competency affects the coach and coachee
  • Using a questionnaire to identify areas of personal competency and what to develop​
Module 9 ­­– Who Coaches the Coach? 
  • Explaining why professional development is important for a coach
  • Identify areas of emotional competency you would like to develop
  • Understand how a learning diary could help develop personal coaching skills and acuity
  • Establish why it’s important for a coach to be resilient
  • Identify strategies professionals use to maintain their resilience​
Module 10 – Assessment and CPD certificate
  • A chance to test your knowledge of the topic with scoring
  • The e-learning course comes with free CPD certificates for the learners


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