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Customer Excellence – Online Learning

customer service skills are highly prized, transferrable and demanded by all companies. At the end of this Customer Excellence e-learning course, learners will:

  • Describe customer excellence and its importance
  • Take control of customer service scenarios
  • Reduce complaints and better handle the ones they get
  • Deliver better outcomes for their customers and their employer
  • Become more accomplished communicators
  • Measure and improve customer service with simple tools
  • Become a valuable asset to any company​

Course Introduction

Customer service can be the difference between profit and loss. Good customer service gets remembered and creates happy customers. And happy customers are more loyal, make more recommendations and spend more money. Put simply, businesses with a customer service culture are more competitive.

In this e-learning course you will learn about the importance of customer service and discover a range of smart techniques for improving your ability to manage customers. Making you a valuable asset to any company on the planet.​

Course Content

Module 1 - About customer excellence
  • Learn what customer excellence is, why it’s important and who should be responsible for it.
  • Discover why acceptable customer service may no longer be enough.
  • See real world examples of exceptional customer service.
  • Discover how your personal brand affects customer excellence.
  • Realise how customer excellence affects the price customers are prepared to pay.
Module 2 - The age of the customer
  • What is the age of the customer and why is it a fundamental shift in the way we should do business?
  • Understand the way social media has changed customer service forever.
  • Discover what your customers expect and how can you exceed those expectations.
  • Learn how to present yourself and your company in a way that’s relevant to your customers.
Module 3 - Measuring and improving customer service - part one
  • What’s an ‘inside out’ approach to reviewing customer service?
  • Learn how to measure your current customer service standards across a range of vital criteria.
  • Identify the areas of customer service you most need to improve.
Module 4 - Measuring and improving customer service - part two
  • What is an ‘outside in’ approach to reviewing customer service?
  • Learn how to think about and map the entire customer journey.
  • Understand how the customer journey is an opportunity to deliver customer excellence.​
Module 5 - Customer complaints
  • Learn the surprising fact about customers who complain.
  • Recognise when a conversation is going wrong and rescue it.
  • Learn the “LEARN” principle.
  • Watch customer complaint handling in action.
  • Learn how to resolve customer complaints and conflict.
  • Start to view complaints as incredibly valuable insights.​
Module 6 – Assessment and CPD certificate
  • A chance to test your knowledge of the topic with scoring
  • The e-learning course comes with free CPD certificates for the learners​


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