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Developing Resilience – Online Learning

Developing resilience is essential for people that want to learn to cope with difficult situations and find constructive ways of overcoming tough times. With this developing resilience e-learning course:

  • Identify the key characteristics of resilient people and why it’s important
  • Describe perception and its effect on how we view situations
  • Utilise specific techniques to challenge and reframe our perceptions, promoting a more constructive and resilient mindset
  • Engage in questionnaires to evaluate personal resilience levels and identify areas for improvement
  • Establish methods and strategies for building resilience
  • Grasp the significance of team resilience and its impact on overall performance, and learn how to influence team resilience through effective communication

Course Introduction

In the increasingly complex working environments that many people find themselves in, the resilience of individuals, teams, and organisations, is becoming critical for business success. We all have times when things are difficult. It might be a particular incident or tragedy which delivers a single blow, or it could be a series of smaller events which, over time, grind you down.

There are different definitions of resilience but a common theme among them is the idea of adaptation, recovery and bounce back. It’s often said that resilience is the ability to cope with challenges, problems and set-backs, and to become stronger because of them.

People use a number of different strategies to be, or become more, resilient. These include rational thinking skills, taking care of their physical and emotional health, and also making sure there are support systems in place to help them should they be needed.

This developing resilience e-learning course sets out to provide learners with these strategies. Giving them everything they need to build their resilience and be better placed to face challenges that they might face in work and at home.

Course Content

Module 1 - Resilience and why it’s important
  • Identifying key aspects of resilience
  • Establishing what qualities resilient people often have
  • Exploring why resilience is important to individuals, team and organisations
Module 2 - Positive and negative thinking – perceptions
  • Review why perception is important in relation to resilience
  • Acknowledge how our perception can influence how we feel about something
  • Understand how our outlook is affected by our perceptions of permanence, pervasiveness and personalisation
Module 3 - Challenging your perceptions
  • Explore how the ladder of inference can affect our thinking
  • Understand how the ladder of inference can be used to make sure actions are based on real facts
  • Describe what is meant by ‘locus of control’
  • Identify how shifting a person’s locus of control can help them to take more control of their lives and cultivate a positive, resilient outlook
Module 4 - How resilient are you
  • Assess how resilient we are by using a questionnaire and also by looking for other resources such as friends and mentors to help​
Module 5 - Building resilience 
  • Define activities which can be useful to build resilience
  • Establish what is considered to be an appropriate amount of weekly exercise
  • Explore why we may feel that certain activities could or wouldn’t be useful
  • Watch and participate in different relaxation techniques
Module 6 - Developing team and organisational resilience 
  • Identify why resilience is important to individuals and organisations
  • Use Person, Personality and Environment (PPE) to help a colleague develop resilience
  • Lead a workshop to find out about a team’s resilience
  • Explore areas to consider when developing team and organisational resilience​
Module 7 – Assessment and CPD certificate
  • A chance to test your knowledge of the topic with scoring
  • The e-learning course comes with free CPD certificates for the learners


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