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Executive Presence – Online Learning

Executive presence is critical for those that want to get ahead in the workplace. With this e-learning course:

  • Evaluate the key elements of executive presence to gain a comprehensive understanding of its definition and significance in professional settings
  • Explore the concept of gravitas and the fundamental principles that support it
  • Examine the role communication plays in presenting yourself effectively and developing a strong executive presence
  • Review the role that your appearance plays in demonstrating your suitability for your current role or the one you intend to fulfil
  • Define the concept of a personal brand and explore strategies for developing and managing it, highlighting its role in shaping professional reputation and career success

Course Introduction

Executive presence (EP) is a group of qualities such as confidence, poise and authenticity which signal to others that the person is ‘the real deal’, that they’re in charge, and that they deserve to be. Having executive presence and building your personal brand are becoming an increasingly important aspect of achieving success in business today.

Executive presence reflects your combination of gravitas, communication and appearance, which help you influence others and get results in the business world by portraying a personal brand and persona that others respect and admire.

In these image conscious days, how we are perceived by others counts. Whether it’s in person, or via social media, we all project a personality and often this can be the difference between success and failure. Seasoned leaders and those that hope to rise to this role will all benefit from developing their personal brand and a strong presence in the workplace.

This executive presence e-learning course sets out to provide learners with all the skills and knowledge they need to effectively develop their executive presence, helping them to project an air of confidence and the assurance that they are in control.

Course Content

Module 1 - What is executive presence?
  • Identify what executive presence is.
  • Explore the three elements that are always a part of executive presence.
  • Establish which is the most important element and explain why.
Module 2 - Gravitas
  • Review examples of the six key aspects of gravitas:
  • Confidence and ‘grace under fire’
  • Decisiveness and ‘showing teeth’
  • Integrity and ‘speaking truth to power’
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Reputation and standing
  • Vision
  • Review ways a person can increase their gravitas.
  • Explore examples of how gravitas can be lost.
Module 3 - Communication
  • Examine some of the key communication skills associated with executive presence including being able to:
  • read people and command a room
  • be assertiveness without being aggressive
  • use humour appropriately
  • use body language effectively and avoid sending the wrong signal.
  • Identify a process where a person can state a case clearly and constructively
  • Understand the importance good posture has when communicating.
Module 4 - Appearance
  • Review why appearance is an important part of executive presence.
  • Identify what dressing appropriately means.
  • Understand that a person’s appearance shouldn’t detract from the messages they are trying to communicate.
Module 5 - Personal brand
  • Establish what a personal brand is.
  • Explore how using a personal brand is different from other routes to success.
  • Identify why personal branding is important to job seekers.
  • Examine behaviours which can damage a person’s brand.
  • Review things that can be done to help develop a personal brand.
Module 6 – Assessment and CPD certificate
  • A chance to test your knowledge of the topic with scoring.
  • The e-learning course comes with free CPD certificates for the learners.


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