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Leading Virtual Teams – Online Learning

In this practical e-learning course learners are given the tools and knowledge they need to become skilled leaders of virtual teams – bringing the many benefits of high performing remote workers to your company. Learners will:

  • Get the most from their virtual team
  • Avoid the common pitfalls of managing remotely located people
  • Maintain control of remote workers without micromanaging
  • Develop their communication skills
  • Motivate and retaining remote employees
  • Bring the benefits of virtual teams to your organisation
  • Help their organisation benefit from happier and more productive workers​

Course Introduction

Why do we need to work in the same building? That’s the question many companies now ask. The use of virtual workers is exploding in popularity. And the potential benefits are clear. Workers gain a better work/life balance, while having the freedom to do great work. And employers reduce their overheads, while creating a happier, more productive workforce.

Which all sounds great. But it’s easy to get it wrong. Managing a virtual team comes with a unique set of challenges. The biggest of which is not dealing with the physical distance between your team, but to reduce the psychological distance between everyone.

This e-learning course helps leader who need to work with employees that are not office-based, either due to them being hybrid workers, home workers or spread geographically.

Course Content

Module 1 – Introducing the virtual leader
  • What exactly is a virtual team?
  • Identify the key challenges of managing a virtual team
  • Discover the benefits of remote working
  • What skills make a successful virtual leader?
Module 2 – Building a virtual team
  • Learn how to build and maintain trust in a virtual team
  • Understand the importance of establishing ground rules for interactions
  • When is the best time to use each of the key communication tools?
  • Learn the 3 step technique for identifying the potential challenges and opportunities you might face
Module 3 – Communicating and giving feedback to virtual teams
  • Understand the vital importance of good communication skills
  • Get your message across with the 5 steps to effective communication
  • Learn the principles of good feedback
  • Develop good feedback skills that work over the phone​
Module 4 – Managing performance virtually
  • How do you remotely monitor your team’s performance?
  • Learn how “status meetings” and “virtual reporting” help you evaluate performance
  • Appreciate that formal review processes are also important for virtual teams
Module 5– Assessment and CPD certificate
  • A chance to test your knowledge of the topic with scoring
  • The e-learning course comes with free CPD certificates for the learners


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