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Management Skills – Online Learning

In this practical e-learning course learners are provided with the tools and knowledge they need to become more effective managers. Learners will:

  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of the qualities and skills required to become a great manager
  • Learn from common mistakes made by managers to avoid similar pitfalls and challenges, promoting more effective and efficient management practices
  • Enhance the ability to assess team performance objectively, identify areas for improvement, and implement strategies to enhance productivity and collaboration
  • Improve vital communication skills
  • Gain essential planning, organisational and decision making skills
  • Strengthen the capability to handle conflicts and difficult conversations with diplomacy and empathy, fostering healthy team dynamics and resolving issues constructively
  • Become more valuable to their company and so enjoy more successful careers

Course Introduction

People don’t work hard for a weak manager. Teams fail under the leadership of weak managers. And weak managers themselves have unremarkable and unsuccessful careers.

But great managers are the opposite. People love to work for a great manager. Great managers help lift their teams to new levels of performance. And those managers are highly valued in companies, ensuring they’re the ones that get the promotions and the lucrative salaries.

What’s the difference between the weak manager and the great one? It’s simple, great managers are not born that way; they have to work at it – they’ve studied how to become great. In this e-learning course your learners will gain the fundamental ideas, techniques and mindset they need to become a better manager.

Course Content

Module 1 – Introduction
  • What exactly is management?
  • What’s the difference between management and leadership?
  • Assess your own management skills
  • Learn about the 6 management styles (and when you should use them)
  • Understand the common traps new managers fall into
  • Discover how the role of the manager is changing.
Module 2 – Problem Solving
  • Learn why great managers are great problem solvers
  • What kind of problem solver are you?
  • How to adopt a systematic and logical approach to solving problems
  • Learn the 8 steps in the Simplex Model and how they’ll help you solve problems
  • Understand why it’s important to look for problems you can’t see.
Module 3 – Decision Making 
  • Learn why a decision making system is going to make you a better manager
  • What are the similarities between systematic decision making and systematic problem solving?
  • Learn how a decision matrix helps you better assess a range of competing options
  • Understand the role of gut instinct in decision making
  • What are the common decision making mistakes managers make?​
Module 4 – Planning and organising
  • Understand the subtle but crucial difference between goals, objectives and strategies
  • How to use SMART objectives to become a better manager
  • What are KPIs and how do different teams use them?
  • What are leading and lagging performance indicators (and why do you need both)?
  • Understand the key components of effective project management
  • Compare a traditional project management style with a more agile approach.​
Module 5 – Delegating
  • Learn why delegation is crucial to your success as a manager
  • Perform a self-assessment on your delegation style
  • When is it best to delegate and when is it not?
  • Learn the 10 step process for effective delegation
  • Understand the vital link between delegation and recognition
  • Learn why it’s important not to get M.A.D.
Module 6 – Communication skills
  • Learn the 7 Cs of effective communication
  • What are the barriers to good communication?
  • How to prepare for and deliver a group presentation
  • Learn how to handle difficult conversations like a pro
  • Learn to be assertive without being aggressive
  • Learn how to build rapport and motivate others.

Module 7 – Managing a team
  • What are the core team management skills you need?
  • Learn how to build and coach a strong team
  • Why you need to go beyond the “carrot and the stick” approach to motivate your team
  • Learn how to manage conflict (while not trying to avoid it completely)
  • How not to waste your time in ineffective meetings
  • How to use a team charter to take your team to the next level.
Module 8 – Performance review 
  • Discover a new way of looking at performance management
  • Learn how to tackle the the common causes of poor performance
  • Learn how the Annual Performance Cycle will help you improve your team
  • How to use the DESC Model for more cooperative communication. 
Module 9 – Carrying out a team health check
  • View and complete a team health check questionnaire
  • Get a PowerPoint template to use to share the results with you team
  • Get guidance on how to interpret the results so you can make positive changes​​
Module 10– Assessment and CPD certificate
  • A chance to test your knowledge of the topic with scoring
  • The e-learning course comes with free CPD certificates for the learners​


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