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Performance Management – Online Learning

Being able to get the most from a team and help people fulfil their potential is the most valuable skill a manager can possess. If you want to lead people to help companies succeed, then performance management is essential learning. Learners will:

  • Gain a better understanding of their role in managing performance
  • Learn to follow an effective performance management process
  • Get the most from any team
  • Create an effective development plan
  • Address poor performance
  • Reduce conflict and save valuable management time
  • Align the goals of employees with the company’s objectives, ensuring a shared vision and a sense of purpose among the workforce
  • Develop skills to inspire, motivate and retain employees
  • Apply techniques that will help your company become more productive and successful

Course Introduction

Performance management is simply about managers and employees working together to plan, monitor and review specific work objectives in order to maximise that employee’s contribution to the company.

Often mistreated as a box ticking exercise, performance management is a powerful tool to improve a company’s bottom line. And being able to build happier and more productive teams will improve your learners’ overall management skills. In this e-learning course learners will discover how to effectively manage other people’s performance to increase successful outcomes for the company they work in.​

Course Content

Module 1 – What is performance management?
  • Realise the impact performance management makes on the bottom line
  • Get a clear process for performance management that works for you
  • Learn the vital importance of the annual performance cycle
  • How do you create a development plan that actually works?
  • Become more comfortable at coaching, giving negative feedback and managing poor performance
Module 2 – Setting objectives
  • Why is it important to set objectives?
  • Learn 3 simple steps for setting effective objectives
  • Why setting personal objectives helps you become a better manager
  • What is a SMART objective and how do you write one?
  • How to make sure management and employee objectives are aligned
  • What is the “Flow Zone” and how can it help to control workplace stress?
Module 3 – Performance review meetings
  • Why smart objectives are nothing without performance reviews
  • Do you make these performance review mistakes?
  • Learn the 6 steps for holding effective performance review meetings
  • Have you collected evidence to back up your message?
  • How to work in partnership in performance meetings.
Module 4 – Giving and receiving feedback
  • Discover the cheapest and easiest way to motivate a team
  • Understand the vital importance feedback has in personal growth
  • Learn to overcome the fear of giving feedback
  • What’s the EEC model and how will it help you give better feedback?
  • Learn why some managers give poor feedback
  • Watch video examples of good feedback​
Module 5 – Leading for performance
  • Understand the important role leadership plays in performance management
  • Learn why great leaders remain flexible and adaptable
  • What is the Ability Motivation Matrix and how can it help you?
  • Learn to adapt different leadership styles for different scenarios​
Module 6 – Coaching for performance (the GROW model)
  • Learn how to maximise a person’s performance
  • What is the GROW model and how will it help you improve performance?
  • Challenge individuals to make decisions and solve problems themselves
  • Walk through a scenario and see the GROW model in action
  • Deliver more effective 1-to-1s and informal performance discussions
  • Use the GROW model to stretch yourself
Module 7 – Tackling poor performance
  • What is the true cost of poor performance?
  • What are the 6 common causes of poor performance
  • What are the 6 main excuses why managers avoid tackling poor performance
  • Discover the 5 steps for quickly dealing with poor performance.​​
Module 8 – Assessment and CPD certificate
  • A chance to test your knowledge of the topic with scoring
  • The e-learning course comes with free CPD certificates for the learners​


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