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Preparing for Job Interviews – Online Learning

Preparing effectively for job interviews can be the difference between achieving a new job role or being left behind. With this e-learning course:

  • Explore the importance of working on your interview skills
  • Identify the key actions needed to understand the employer and prepare for a job interview
  • Exploring methods of setting yourself apart and making a good impression
  • In the interview – common questions to ask and be asked
  • Establishing how best to end an interview
  • Reviewing the measures you can take after an interview, including what to do if you don’t get the job
  • Developing personal actions for success​

Course Introduction

It’s a fact that people who are good at job interviews will have the opportunity to progress their career and those that don’t, find it hard to get on. Therefore, the skills required to perform effectively in job interviews are critical to someone’s progression at work and in life.

This Preparing for Job Interviews e-learning course sets out to provide learners with all the skills and knowledge they need to effectively approach the interview process. Its aim is to help the learner enter interviews with confidence and a sense of purpose, highlighting their key skills and what they have to offer potential employers.

A by-product of this learning experience is that the skills developed are transferable and will help build techniques that the learner can use for a variety of situations at work. Making them an attractive candidate for career progression.​

Course Content

Module 1 - Introduction to preparing for job interviews
  • Review the two main aims of job interviews
  • Identify their own priorities for their next job role​
Module 2 - Preparing for the interview
  • Research a company using a range of sources
  • Identify the preparations required before attending an interview
  • Explore the different interview types, and the most likely options they may experience – includes video interviewing
Module 3 - Making a good impression
  • Understand a range of items that will help them to stand out with their dress and presentation on the day
  • Conduct a review of their social media to identify how they improve consistency
  • Identify at least 3 ways in which they can increase engagement with the interviewer
  • Establish the ways in which a good first impression is achieved​
Module 4 - During the interview
  • Prepare an elevator pitch for use in an interview
  • Develop a set of questions to ask the interviewer
  • Provide good and bad responses to common interview questions
Module 5 - The end of the interview
  • Identify at least 2 ways in which a candidate can verbally state their interest in the position at the end of the interview
  • Develop a plan for following up and remaining visible after the interview
  • Explore the steps to making a good lasting impression​
Module 6 - After the interview
  • Establish their unique selling point (USP) and how to communicate it
  • Order the process of negotiation
  • Review the reasons for and process of staying visible after interview​
Module 7 - Summary
  • Create an action plan for interview success
  • Examine resources where they can find more information on the topics covered
Module 8 – Assessment and CPD certificate
  • A chance to test your knowledge of the topic with scoring
  • The e-learning course comes with free CPD certificates for the learners​


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