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Psychological Safety – Online Learning

This online learning will help improve the psychological safety of your workplace, creating high performing teams that are comfortable to speak their mind with the aim of improving employee performance and meeting the goals of the business. With this e-learning course:

  • Explain psychological safety and its impact on the performance of organisations and the teams within them
  • Describe how creating a culture of open communication leads to performance improvements and happier employees
  • Learn not to fear mistakes and failures
  • Identify the key actions leaders in your organisation should take to help improve psychological safety and drive performance
  • Explore real life examples that help bring the learning to life

Course Introduction

Creating an environment where employees feel engaged and safe at work will help improve results and develop high performing teams. It’s about allowing employees the opportunity to speak up with concerns, questions, ideas and mistakes without the fear of being ridiculed or punished.

This Psychological Safety e-learning course sets out to provide your learners with all the skills and knowledge they need to effectively implement workplace practices that will help ensure employees feel safe at work. The key aim is to ensure those employees are able to communicate in a way that supports the organisation and creates a positive working environment where everybody is working towards a common goal.

Course Content

Module 1 - What is psychological safety?
  • Identify what psychological safety is
  • Explore the origins of psychological safety and its importance today
  • Understand reasons why people don’t speak up
  • Review examples of what psychological safety is not.
Module 2 - Getting ready for change
  • Explain what speaking truth to power means
  • Establish how to eliminate speaking truth to power as a barrier
  • Review examples of leaders’ misconceptions about themselves
  • Understand the importance of listening up
  • Recognise the role of failure in a psychologically safe environment.
Module 3 - Leading from the front
  • Establish the importance leadership plays in creating a psychologically safe workplace
  • Explore how psychologically safe their workplace is
  • List areas for improvement to make their workplace psychologically safer
  • Define the three key steps to developing a psychologically safe workplace:
  • Setting the stage
  • Inviting participation
  • Responding productively.
  • Review examples of important actions leaders can take when making their workplace psychologically safe.
Module 4 - Case studies
  • Investigate real life examples of businesses which have employed psychological safety and the benefits they have seen from it
  • List key features of a psychologically safe workplace.
Module 5 – Assessment and CPD certificate
  • A chance to test your knowledge of the topic with scoring
  • The e-learning course comes with free CPD certificates for the learners​


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