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Risk Assessment – Online Learning

Risk Assessments are a fundamental element of any robust health and safety process. With this ‘Risk Assessment’ E-Learning course, learners will:

  • Explain the significance of risk assessments in ensuring workplace safety and compliance with legal requirements
  • Differentiate between a risk and a hazard, understanding that a hazard is a potential source of harm, while a risk is the likelihood and severity of harm resulting from the hazard
  • Explore various types of hazards that may be present in the workplace
  • Describe a risk matrix, a tool used to assess and prioritise risks based on their likelihood and potential impact, aiding in decision-making and risk management.
  • Explain the hierarchy of control measures
  • Work with a risk assessment form, using it as a practical tool to systematically identify and evaluate hazards, assess risks, and plan control measures
  • Establish methods to identify hazards
  • Explain how different types of workers might be affected by hazards
  • Answer some of the most common questions around risk assessments
  • Explore a case study that helps embed learning and provides real-life examples​

Course Introduction

Risk assessment is a key component in the implementation of health and safety in the workplace. It helps set the workplace standards required and ensures potential health and safety risks are minimised or removed. In this risk assessment e-learning course your learners will understand the full procedures required for carrying out an effective risk assessment. This will include; identifying the hazards, consulting the stakeholders, writing a risk assessment and communicating the findings with the relevant workers.

Course Content

Module 1 - Introduction
  • Understand how risk assessment plays a part in protecting people from harm and suffering
  • Identify who is responsible for risk assessment and its legal requirement
  • Describe who can carry out a risk assessment.
Module 2 - Hazards risks and controls
  • Understand the difference between hazard and risk
  • Explore different types of hazards
  • Establish how a risk matrix works
  • Describe the hierarchy of control measures
  • Explain what qualities a person carrying out a risk assessment must have.
Module 3 - Assessing risk in the workplace
  • Understand the purpose and content of a risk assessment form
  • Reviewing examples of how someone could look for less obvious hazards in a workplace
  • Identify who should be considered when looking at potential harm
  • Explore what ‘suitable and sufficient’ means in terms of a risk assessment.​
Module 4 - Frequently asked questions
  • When a risk assessment should be reviewed
  • How long risk assessment records need to be kept
  • Whether a risk assessment needs to be signed
  • Whether a risk assessment is a legal requirement.
Module 5 - Case study 

In this module the user will follow the risk assessment process that one person went through when carrying out a risk assessment for a small cleaning firm. This helps cement the learning and give the learner some real-life examples of the risk assessment process in practice.

Module 6 – Assessment
  • A chance to test your knowledge of the topic with scoring
  • The e-learning course comes with free CPD certificates for the learners​


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