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Telesales – Online Learning

Selling over the phone can be a challenge for some and a fear for others. This telesales e-learning course takes the mystery out of how to effectively develop and encourage sales over the telephone. The tools provided are practical and can be immediately applied, aiding the sales technique and improving the conversion of sales calls. With this course, learners will…

  • Enhance their ability to effectively engage customers and facilitate successful phone sales
  • Describe the fundamental guiding principles of sales, enabling a strategic and customer-focused approach
  • Identify the underlying motivations driving people’s buying decisions, enabling more targeted and persuasive communication
  • Develop effective call structures and plans, ensuring purposeful and organised conversations with customers
  • Formulate an impactful approach to handle calls, from initial contact to establishing rapport, building interest, and ultimately closing a successful sale

Course Introduction

This telesales e-learning course provides, practical, useful advice that can be applied immediately to a range of business development scenarios. Using memorable and interesting techniques, the course will ensure learners take away all the knowledge and skills required to make a success of inbound or outbound telesales calls.

The e-learning offers a structured approach to handling telesales calls. A clear method of guiding calls passed the gatekeeper will ensure learners are in a position to assess the needs of the decision maker, gauging their buying interest and using positive questioning and conversational techniques to help highlight the benefits your product or service give the customer. Once the need is established, learners have all the tools required to manage any objections and close the sale.

Course Content

Module 1 ­­– Introducing the Art of Telesales
  • Exploring a video example of someone getting it wrong
  • Understand the importance of making telesales calls
  • Rating your current experience of telesales
  • Learn the guiding principles of telesales calls
  • Establishing why people buy things
Module 2 – Taking and Making Calls
  • Exploring a video example of someone getting it right
  • Structuring the sales process
  • Turning inbound calls into sales
  • Knowing how to deal with different levels of interest
  • Preparing for outbound calls with a clear structure
  • Getting past the gatekeeper
  • Exploring positive communication tools and improving how you sound
  • Establishing effective sales questioning techniques and how to use them
  • Understanding FAB and selling the benefits
  • Learning how to overcome objections
  • Effectively closing a sale
Module 3 – Have a Go – Make an Outbound Call

A chance to practice making a call using a video scenario with questions that you choose and consequently direct your telesales call to its final conclusion. Will you close that sale?!​

Module 4 – Assessment and CPD certificate
  • A chance to test your knowledge of the topic with scoring
  • The e-learning course comes with free CPD certificates for the learners


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