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Unconscious Bias – Online Learning

Unconscious bias awareness is critical for ensuring workplace decisions are made for the right reasons and in the right way. With this e-learning course:

  • Review the key elements of unconscious bias in order to better understand what it is and the impact it can have
  • Discover case studies and scenarios from the workplace that help us identify with unconscious decision making and its impact
  • Review a study that was carried out about unconscious bias
  • Explore techniques, processes and methods of overcoming unconscious bias in the workplace, helping us make the right choices
  • Identifying how we should call out bias when we see it and the right approach

Course Introduction

Unconscious bias occurs due to our ability to make instant, intuitive decisions about people and situations. Our brains categorise information and places data into groups. This capability generally serves us well, as it helps us to identify whether someone is a danger to us or not and means that we are not stressed by constantly having to make conscious decisions for every given scenario.

Although this ability to make intuitive decisions is a useful shortcut, it can lead to us stereotyping or pre-judging people or situations, which means that we are unwittingly making biased decisions. In general, this may escape unnoticed, but in the workplace, it can become quite damaging.

This unconscious bias e-learning course sets out to provide your learners with all the skills and knowledge they need to effectively raise awareness of their biases, helping them to consider whether they are making choices fairly and providing them with tools that will help to avoid unconscious bias creeping into their decision making.

Course Content

Module 1 - What is unconscious bias?
  • Explore what unconscious bias is
  • Identify different types of unconscious biases
  • Review why we make unconscious decisions
  • Understand how unconscious biases could lead to a poor decision.
Module 2 – Unconscious bias in the workplace
  • Identify areas where unconscious biases are likely to take place
  • Establish where unconscious biases come from
  • Discover the impact as small bias can have over a period of time
  • Explore when we are prone to making decisions influenced by unconscious biases.​
Module 3 – How to deal with unconscious bias
  • Identify ways in which unconscious bias can be reduced or eliminated
  • Review examples of non-gender neutral language
  • Examine how unconscious bias has affected recruitment
  • Discover measures that have been taken to reduce bias in the recruitment process.
Bonus Module 4 – Training resource pack for teams
  • A series of workplace activity tools to help you raise awareness of unconscious bias in the workplace
  • Exercise 1 – Unconscious Bias, or something else? – An activity that helps people distinguish between unconscious bias, or other forms of prejudice.
  • Exercise 2 – Who are your customers? – Identifying unconscious bias that customers might face.
  • Exercise 3 – Dealing with unconscious bias in the workplace. – An activity that looks at what can be done to help reduce unconscious bias in the workplace.
Module 5 – Assessment and CPD certificate
  • A chance to test your knowledge of the topic with scoring
  • The e-learning course comes with free CPD certificates for the learners


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