Custom Course Design

Let us take your idea and add a sparkle with custom course design…

Sometimes, you know what you want, but you don’t have the time or resources to create it. With our expert design team, we can support you from design and development to implementation.

  • We work with your SME’s to link your knowledge to our design know-how
  • Expert instructional design with a focus on actionable learning
  • Multi-media content including graphic animations, interactions, actors and video presenters
custom elearning design

Step by Step Design Process


The first step is to get to know your company, your people and the goals you have for the learning. We want to really get to the root of your challenges and make sure that what we do makes a difference to what actually happens in the workplace. In order to create interventions that make a difference, we spend more time at this stage than most.


Following this background research, we plan your learning in detail. Starting with a decision on the best digital learning solution to use if we want to help you meet your goals. Then, with a sequence of images we show you what your product will look like. This is a key review stage of the project, and we make sure you’re happy before starting the build.


Once this storyboard is approved, we use the latest digital technologies and e-learning development software to start building your learning product. We take the agreed plan and bring it to life with engaging visuals, interactive elements and any of the myriad of solutions we agreed with you during the learning and planning stage.


We present the first draft of the learning product to you and other key stakeholders in your business. As we planned the learning in collaboration with you, nothing will come as a surprise. But this is a review stage, so you still have time to shape the final outcome of your product and correct any niggles that you had not spotted at the beginning.


If there were any suggested amendments, we go away and work these into your learning. Once we’re satisfied that everything is perfect, we present you with the final product, and you can begin developing your teams.


Where it is requested, we can return to your digital learning product at agreed periods to make content updates and refresh the information to keep it up to date with any changes to your products, organisation or key information.