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Ensuring your Business has Effective Mobile Security Measures

Posted on July 8th, 2024 in E-Learning, Industry.

Recent decades have seen robust growth in the use of mobiles and remote devices for business professionals. Not to mention, the rapid acceleration in the growth of remote working as a consequence of the COVID pandemic has seen this number grow even more. As the use of remote devices grows exponentially in the business landscape, so do the risks surrounding information security.

Technology, in all its forms is arguably what keeps the world spinning, and we rely now more than ever on our devices to keep us connected: both personally and professionally. Laptops and computers pose risks to information security, especially as many people are now using their personal computers at home to carry out operations, but most of us are familiar with anti-virus softwares, backups and the like, and it’s much more likely that your business has systems in place to keep these operations secure. Much less precaution is taken with mobile phones.

It is crucially important that businesses consider the potential consequences of employees using personal smartphones for work or company smartphones for personal use. Mobile devices collect and compile an increasing amount of sensitive information, and access to this must be controlled to protect individuals and your organisation.

Your employees failing to recognise the risks of mobile security can be fatal, and something as simple as Bluetooth or a public WiFi connection could have a catastrophic impact on your business. Researchers found that 39% of workers use personal smartphones, tablets, and laptops to access corporate data, often via services and applications hosted in the cloud.

Consideration needs to be given to apps, anti-virus protection, location settings, Bluetooth, WiFi and storage, amongst other things. All of which is covered in our extensive Information Security e-learning course.

Let this post serve as a reminder to review the practices in your business, considering who is accessing sensitive information, and how they’re doing it. Our Information Security E-Learning course aims to raise the awareness of this important topic with your employees and help ensure they know how to safely use mobile devices.

This e-learning would be a great addition to Induction processes and where you need to provide policy understanding and sign-off throughout the business.