Can the content be edited?

Yes, the content can be edited. You can either add in your own elements via the tools on our LMS, or you can ask us to make amendments and alterations for you. We charge a small day rate fee for this service. It is typical that most requested changes can be made within a day.

Do you provide courses in different languages?

Yes. We can provide AI generated language translations on demand. This process takes a matter of hours.

We have our own Learning Management System. Can we use your e-learning courses on this?

We are happy to provide our content for you to include on your own LMS. To do this, we provide you with SCORM files that you can upload. We can then track usage data remotely and also update the content regularly with changes. Find out more about this on our integration options page.

Can you develop e-learning for us?

Yes. We can create custom-made e-learning courses. Please contact us for a discussion about your specific requirements. You can also find out more about this service on our custom course design page.

I need support using your LMS. Can you help?

Please login to your company LMS site where you can find links to support. Alternatively, contact us.

Can I add additional courses or features once our plan is running?

Absolutely! We’re more than happy to work with you to ensure you get exactly what you need, when you need it.

How long do plans last?

We typically provide access for one year. However, we can make each plan unique to your needs. We work closely with you to establish a plan that suits you, based on learning/compliance needs, budget or organisational demands.

Are there any charges for course or system updates?

No. Part of our service is to provide up-to-date courses and optimised system functions, and we will never charge for these.

Do you charge us to have administrators?

No. We are happy for you to give administrator access to whoever you want and we won’t charge you a penny for doing it.

How do I get training for your learning platform?

Whether you have a newly set up system with us, a new admin member, or you just need a reminder, our team are here to provide support. We’ll walk you through any concerns and, if needed, provide you with videos, documents, and walkthroughs as additional back-up. Whatever happens, you won’t be left on your own.

I am a reseller. Can I provide your e-learning courses to my clients?

Yes. Please contact us about our reseller service.