Reasons to Use Games in Corporate Training

Posted on August 25th, 2017 in E-Learning, Learning & Development.

Corporate training can provide a timely boost and really help to instruct your staff members to be effective and to maximise their productivity. That’s when it is used well. Corporate training can often, also be considered unexciting when placed in the wrong hands. One way in which you can liven up corporate training is to use games as part of the programme. There are a number of benefits to consider.

Engage with the Participants – If a person is interested in a subject they are more likely to retain the information. Games tap into our emotions, whilst also engaging with the problem solving side of our brains. The desire to have that gratification from doing well in the game helps us to learn the information being delivered.

Failure is an Option – Corporate training is vital, as you want your staff to understand the critical nature of their roles. It can be disastrous if training hasn’t worked and an employee makes a huge mistake in the workplace. It can cost clients and damage morale. Playing games in training provides your staff with the opportunity to fail without real consequences, learning as they go.

Part of Educational Theory – The use of games as part of education has long been thought of as an important cog in a wider machine. Constructivism and Situated Learning Theory both state the benefits of individuals learning effectively through doing, rather than just reading information on a page.

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